It's funny how skin care just gets more and more important the older you get. Thankfully there's a whole lot of great products and techniques to keep skin looking great and feeling great. It's the largest organ in the body afterall and needs to be looked after! :-)

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Skin Care Tips

Sun exposure can lead to premature aging, sagging, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and the development of cancer. And while a suntan will eventually fade at the end of the summer, the damage to the skin from sunlight will continue to accumulate over time. Take measures to protect your skin from the sun and its damaging rays.Sun Screen: Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 helps block the damaging rays of the sun, and it should be used every day for adequate protection. Even if you don't plan on sunbathing, you are exposed to the sun when you drive in the car or walk into the grocery store. If you tend to sweat heavily, or if you are exercising vigorously, reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours throughout the day.Reduce Sun Exposure: In addition to wearing sunscreen, it�s a good idea to reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation your skin is exposed to everyday. Limit your time outdoors between 10:00am and 3:00pm when the sun is directly overhead and strongest. Wear protective clothing such as wide brimmed hats and sunglasses to block the sun's rays. And when you do have to expose yourself to the sun, try to build up your tolerance in modest increments each day.Cleansing Your Skin Next to sun protection, proper skin cleansing is the next best thing you can do for the care and protection of your skin. Washing your skin helps to remove the dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, bacteria, cosmetics, perspiration, and debris that accumulate on your skin. Choose a gentle skin cleanser based on your skin type and special skin care needs (i.e. anti acne, or sensitive skin.) And wash your skin as necessary to keep it clean, fresh, and functioning properly.Skin Care Tip: do not rub skin care cleansers into your skin. Instead, lather the soap or gel into a foam in your hands, apply to the skin and rinse off well. This will keep the cleansers from overly drying, blocking, or irritating the skin's pores.Maintaining Healthy Skin Moisturizers: Skin care moisturizers smooth and soften skin and help to lock in its natural moisture. They can be particularly soothing to dry or sensitive skin. And they provide gre

Skin Care for Men

Sensitive skin is prone to rashes and breakouts from any kind of irritants such as sun, perfumes, shaving cream, temperature extremes, and even soap. Be very careful about the skin care products you choose if you have sensitive skin. Avoid products with dyes, perfumes, or unnecessary chemical ingredients that may irritate your skin.Combination Skin: This skin type is used to specifically describe facial skin that has both dry and oily patches. Most commonly, combination skin exhibits an oily ,T-Zone, (forehead, nose and chin) with dry skin on the cheeks and around the eyes. It is not uncommon for these oily zones to be reversed. If you have this skin type, you will need to purchase skin care products made especially for combination skin.A Skin Care Routine For Men Now that you know what kind of skin you have, and you�ve purchased skin care products to accommodate your skin type, how do you know what to do with them. Many men have a fitness regime, a financial plan, and a daily schedule. But mention a skin care routine and they run for the hills. Skin care is not just for women. In fact, men who exercise regularly are prone to having more skin problems than women who do the same. That�s because you�re stretching your skin, not cleansing it properly, and not protecting it from elements such as sweat, sun, and wind. But don�t worry; taking care of your skin doesn�t have to mean spending hours in the bathroom. It just means establishing a simple routine to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.1.Wash: Sure you take a shower in the morning before work, but do you take time to wash your face as well? (with products made for your skin type?) Gently wash your face twice a day. In the morning, facial cleansing will remove any perspiration and debris from sleeping and at the end of the day it will get rid of sweat and pollutants that have accumulated on your face throughout the day. Use a all-natural herbal soap. 2.Tone: If you have dry or sensitive skin, skip this step. Toners are usually alcohol based and may irritate these skin types. But normal, oily, and combination skin can benefit from the extra cleansing and pH restoration of a alcohol free toning product. 3.Moisturize: Hydrate your face with a quality, skin-type appropriate moisturizer such as ,Parfait Visage,. And if you spend any time in the sun at all, choose a moisturizer that includes a sun block of at least SPF 15. This will protect your skin from the sun and save you the hassle of remembering to apply another product.For more information on natural cosmetics and skin care go to:

Should you make your own beauty products

These were really heavy, oil based stuff. I wanted something lighter. A water based lotion.A cream is basically droplets of water suspended in oil, kept in that state by an emulsifier. For my creams, I used beeswax as an emulsifier.I experimented in the kitchen. After plenty of failed experiments. I finally came up with lotion in a texture I simply loved.A lotion is made of droplets of oil suspended in water, kept together by an emulsifier. I used lecithin for my lotion. Here are some of the lotions I made.By varying the water based part, using rosewater or tea instead of plain water, you can make all sorts of lotions. Likewise, you can play around with the oil part of the formula, with various infused oils, or a few drops of different essential oils, to change the lotion or cream. You can make tailor your beauty products to your personal tastes, and needs.I had lots of fun with that. My skin loved these home made creams when they were fresh.I even made a batch tailored specially for a cousin, using ingredients that she loves.Yet, I have since stopped making them.Why?Laziness is the main reason. Lack of time is another reason.So much care must go into making the lotions which don't keep. For me, even if I keep the lotions refrigerated, 2 days after making the lotion, if I use it on my face, my skin breaks out. 3 days later, if I use it on my body, my skin itches.Preservatives are put in commercial skin care products to prevent these from spoiling. Without preservatives, bacteria, mo

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Protect the Skin You're In

(UVB rays are actually more harmful for sun burning the UVA rays). It�s crucial that your sun screen protects against both of these sun rays. Don�t waste your time with half the protection.What about the SPF?The SPF number simply tells people how much longer they can last out in the sun without being burned. The higher the SPF number, the longer your skin is protected against the sun.For example, lets say you put on a sunscreen with SPF 20. This would protect your skin up to 20 times longer than your average amount of protection time. To find out how long your sunscreen will protect your skin (multiply how long it normally takes you to burn * SPF of your sunscreen) So, if you normally burn after 30 minutes in the sun and you have sunscreen with an SPF 15, your skin would be protected for 450 minutes ( or 7.5 hours)It�s also important to consider skin types when choosing the proper sunscreen.For young children (6 months and up) : Choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to protect against both sun tanning and burning. Look for a product that offers UVA and UVB protection. This is known as the ,broad-spectrum,.For Very Fair Skin: This typ

Petroleum and Cosmetics: What are the potential health risks

You may ask yourself, where do the ingredients in the products go? Modern research at the Herb Research Foundation found that the skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with directly into the bloodstream. Today, hormone therapy treatments and smoking cessation medications are often prescribed as patches that you apply directly to the skin. The medication passes through the skin and directly enters the bloodstream.For pregnant women, the risk is not only for her body but also for the developing fetus. If the chemicals found in cosmetics readily enter the bloodstream when applied to the skin, then they will also reach the developing baby. Researchers at the Brunel University in England are looking closely at a family of preservatives called parabens. Their research has recently linked parabens to the possibility that male babies will have lower sperm counts. These preservatives are derived from petroleum and help to maintain the freshness and integrity of the product. Currently, many manufacturers add parabens to cosmetics to allow a minimum of 3 years shelf life. Therefore, the parabens kill any bacteria that could potentially enter the product. If these chemical ingredients can kill the bacterial cells, what are they doing to your skin cells? In most cases, there is no conclusive answer to this question. However, the research mentioned strongly suggests that the synthetic ingredients may have a significant impact on our bodies.In many cases, the long-term effects of many of the chemical additives in our cosmetics are not known. However, other chemical additives are known carcinogens. These types of chemicals can cause cancer in humans. Such chemicals include some artificial colours in cosmetics. The effects of chemicals and other synthetic ingredients in cosmetics may lead to mild allergic reactions causing rashes and minor skin irritation to more significant problems such as lesions on the skin.What are your alternatives for cosmetics?Luckily, there are alternatives to cosmetics filled with synthetically produced ingredients. Increasingly, cosmetic manufacturers are answering the public�s demand for alternatives to the chemically loaded beauty and grooming supplies. The Organic Make-up Company is one such company that is leading the way in producing high-quality, organically manufactured cosmetics! As a consumer, you have the ability to decrease the number of preservatives and chemical additives your skin comes into contact with and therefore, that may enter your body. To avoid using the synthetically derived fragrances, look for products containing essential oils. These are pure oils derived from flowers and other plants in nature.All you have to do is make the simple choice of purchasing cosmetic products with all-natural, organic ingredients. Whether you continue using cosmetics that contain petroleum-based ingredients or not is a personal choice. What is the most important is to get the facts and to know that you have a choice when it comes to buying or

Parents Healthy Food Confusion

Of the parents of children aged 15 years and younger questioned by the DPP, 45% said they found it difficult to work out which foods were healthy for their children. When parents did select healthy foods, 65% said they struggled to motivate their children to eat it. Three-quarters of parents blamed advertising and marketing of unhealthy snacks and drinks for making this job so difficult. Another 87% believed that schools should play a big role in teaching children how to be healthy.When more than a thousand children aged seven to 16 were questioned about their lifestyles, 70% said they would be more likely to eat healthily and get active if their parents were doing it. Only 16% said they ate the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. This suggests that parents are not making healthy food choices themselves. There are strong links between obesity and ill health. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare lists the following increased risks of cancers in obese people:- Men Women Cancer % Increase Risk Cancer %increase Risk Prostate 23 Uterus 178 Leukaemia 43 Kidney 110 Bowel 53 Bowel 35 Liver 128 Liver 48 Gallbladder 76 Breast 71Statistics such as these are a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a he

Natural Mineral Makeup, a Natural Alternative to Greasy Makeup

Cosmetics are big business, but just because something costs more doesn't mean it's better for your skin. Every liquid you put on your skin is absorbed into the skin and goes directly into the blood stream. Think about that next time you pull out your liquid foundation and apply it to your skin.The process by which a substance is absorbed into the blood via the skin is called transdermal delivery. It is one of the fastest ways to get something into the blood in a concentrated form. Many drugs are delivered by applying a skin creme or skin patch that contains that drug to areas of the skin that absorb it readily. The face is one of those places.Trans

Tricks of the Trade - Applying Make-up Like a Professional

Tricks of the Trade - Applying Make-up Like a Professional
Author Adem Martin del CampoThere are a number of different tricks and techniques that we have developed to make applying make-up easier, as well as more appealing. Let's start with the basics.Always start your make-up with your foundation. This will even out your complexion and give you a good base to start with. Now for the trick. Use a make-up sponge to apply your foundation. This way your foundation will not change colors due to the oils on your finger

Lift Visage Selling With False Professional Endorsement

Most skin Care companies had products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Jevenesse was no exception.Lift Visage , The Essence Of Youth and Jevene by Lift Visage, is valued at $89.95, a discount is available with a membership that automatically charges your credit card. I have not and do not endorse , Lift Visage,The Essence Of Youth and Jevene by Lift Visage.Formerly I was a professional skin care consultant, make up artist and business manager for companies like Estee Lauder, Christian Dior and Elizabeth Arden. I have 30 experience in the professional salon, retail cosmetic and cosmetic merchandising industries.For the last five years I have been a Consumer Reporter investigating and proving expert reviews of, skin care companies and anti-aging products and procedures. I conduct frequent search engine queries of my name, Nanci Prince, I never thought to look for my name as N. Prince. Dr. Banerjee uses N. Prince instead of Nanci Prince as it appears in the original endorsement.My writing credits include: ,Never Buy Expensive Skin Care Again, Could This Be the Fountain of Youth, and Secrets Skin Care Companies & Dermatologists Don�t Want You To Know,.If Dr. Banerjee who has a PHD in Biochemistry and have post-doctoral training in reputed academic insti

Let's Dispel Some Acne Myths

Acne is a result of the hormones action on the skin's oil glands (the sebaceous gland) which leads to clogged pores and outbreak of lesions like pimples, blemishes or acne. Acne commonly occurs in the neck, face, back, shoulders and chest because the sebaceous glands are most abundant in these locations. But the important question we should be asking to be able to avoid this dreaded ,disease, is, ,What causes this pain in the neck called acne?,Unfortunately, the causes of acne cannot really be determined (unless your parents or their parents are acne infested too then there�s a big, big chance you�ll be called acne face by your peers and classmates) thus the acne myths are born! These myths claim to be the cause of acne. We shall enumerate them here.Acne Myth Number 1Acne is caused by not washing your face often and not scrubbing it hard enough. Many believed that acne is caused by dirt and dust in the face and by washing your face two-three even four times a day or even by scrubbing your face hard can prevent acne. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is true that dirt and dust is unsightly to the face and

Healthier Skin Naturally in 7 Days or Less

Veggie protein is often overlooked, as American society is accustomed to ,meat with every meal., Try tofu or beans as a high quality protein source. Morningstar Farms makes an excellent veggie burger that even meat lovers would crave if given a try!Another healthy practice is to eat lots of raw foods every day. Canned and frozen vegetables may provide some nutrients, but only raw veggies and fruits will contain the enzymes necessary to prevent free radical damage. If you absolutely must cook vegetables, steam them lightly and eat al dente.Certain vitamins and minerals are crucial to youthful skin, including sulfur. In its natural form from foods such as garlic, onions, eggs and asparagus, sulfur with help to keep skin smooth and youthful. You can also take an L-systeine supplement which will also provide adequate amounts of sulfur for healthy skin. A lack of either Vitamin A or B can make your skin chapped or cracked. Beta-carotene is as good for your skin as it is for your eyes. Don�t limit yourself to carrots; any type of yellow or orange vegetable is loaded with them. Good examples are squashes and peppers.Alpha-hydroxy acids are responsible for keeping your skin pH balanced. You can get them from foods such as apples, grapes, blackberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes and milk. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in fish (especially salmon), dark leafy vegetables (kale, collards, dandelions) and flax seeds are also extremely important for your skin. Lactic acid helps to improve your skin�s moisture content, while glycolic acid removes dead skin cells that make your skin look dry and flaky. Eating foods containing these two EFAs will assist in healthy, glowing skin.If you�re willing to spend a little (just a little), there are a couple of supplements that will powerboost your healthy eating habits. If you find that you can only take one supplement, let it be Vitamin E. It prevents the formation of free radicals and helps repair skin cells damaged from scrapes, burns and bruises. Aloe Vera is another skin healer as well as moisturizer, and can be used topically from the aloe plant, or consumed as a juice found in supermarkets and health food stores. Kelp is an excellent source of nutrients due to its absorption from sea water and is available in several forms.Junk foods should especially be avoided when trying to maintain healthy skin. Eliminating soda, sugar and other empty-calorie foods will not only improve your skin�s appearance, but will help take off the extra pounds. Fried foods are especially bad, because hot-processed oils (such as those found in the supermarket) actually create free radicals and can destroy that look you�ve been working so hard for. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided, as these and other types of diuretics make the body lose fluids and essential minerals, which dries out your skin.Each of these foods is easy-to-find in your local superma

Facial Skin Care Products

by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, Ph.D, ND, DACBN

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Beauty Basics Tips

from R.L. Fielding

Acne Skin Care

Beat acne without Drugs Acne Skin Care
by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, Ph.D, ND, DACBNWe all need to follow a skin care regime that can keep or skin looking and feeling its best. But those of us who suffer from acne must be especially vigilant about the methods and products we use. Acne prone skin is very sensitive to the dyes, perfumes, and chemicals that are in many beauty products. If you have mild to moderate acne, here are the tips and techniques that can help improve the look and condition of your skin.Acne Skin Care: Dealing With Problem SkinBea

27 Tips to a Successful Prom Lisa Jay Print out this checklist and follow it to ensure that you are ready for the Prom.

It does not cost a lot and having a perfect fit is worth it! ___Accessories - You�ve got the dress, but don�t stop there. You have to have a knock out pair of earrings, necklace and shoes to complete the look. Make sure that you buy a small handbag to match your dress. You will need something to carry cash, ID, and a phone for emergencies. ___To Limo or not to Limo? - If you are planning to rent a limo then it is time to make reservations. You may be required to make a deposit. Be make sure to get a receipt and note the person that took your reservation. If the cost seems to be out of your budget, go together with several other people to minimize the cost. ___Restaurant Reservations - Decide where you will be dining and make your reservations early.One Month before Prom:___Prom Tickets - Purchase your tickets or make sure that your date has purchased them. ___Hair and Nails - Make appointment to have your hair and nails done. Find an experienced beautician to do your hair. Ask to see photos of other formal prom hairstyles that he/she has done. If they can�t show you photos find someone else. ___Make Final Plans - Make plans with your date or friends for before and after Prom activities. Don�t assume that you will be cruising around with your friends. Make a definite plan so there are no surprises when your friends make alternate plans. ___Tux - Has your date ordered his tux? Make sure that he does. ___Inform Parents of Plans - Give your parents the details of your evening plans. Give them places, times and phone numbers for emergencies. ___Inform Your Date of Your Expectations - Time to have \\\\\\\\\"that\\\\\\\\\" talk with your date. Let him know your expectations so that he will not expect any more. ___Break in your Shoes - You don�t want your shoes to ruin your night. Startw ea ri ng your prom shoes around the house to break them in. The more comfortable they are, the less yo

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Serious Skin Care-Skin Care

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Latest Skin Care News Dermacare Sets the Standard for Skin Care Clinics in Colorado (Business Wire ...
The promise of perfect skin is no longer out of reach. Today's skin care treatments can smooth wrinkles, reduce pore size, clear acne and erase scars with medical precision. Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, a chain of medical skin care clinics based in Scottsdale, Ariz., debuts in Colorado October 8, when it opens at 9898 Rosemont Avenue in Lone Tree.NIVEA voted Europe's most trusted brand (AME Info)
NIVEA is proud to have been voted to be the most trusted skin care and cosmetic brand in Europe, by participants of the Reader's Digest survey of European Trusted Brands.Intelligent Security Networks, Inc. Announces Stock Dividend (PrimeZone via Y...
Intelligent Security Networks, Inc. announced today that its board of directors has approved a stock dividend to its shareholders whereby it will distribute all of the shares of common stock of Suncoast Nutriceuticals, Inc. , which it received from SNI as partial compensation for the purchase and sale of its sun care and ski

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Unique Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season! Go Digital!

Calendars are always a perfect little gift or stocking stuffer, what Grandmother would not love a calendar of her precious grandchildren? Online sites offer easy ways of editing pictures as well, change to black and white, sepia, antique, add frames, create post cards, stickers, blur edges, so many ways to spruce up your photos and have a little fun in the process! Place your photos on mugs, Mouse Pads, aprons, magnets, coasters, tote bags, and tee shirts. Create personalized Holiday greeting cards as well.Another unique idea is to have a collage of your photos created. Collages are perfect unique gift ideas for anyone. Photos are blended together for a seamless look. Themes include; weddings, babies, children, parties, trips, family reunions, or anything you can think of. Collages can then be framed for display or used on Mouse Pads, calendar pages, or any other photo gift.A calendar

Win Her Heart With Romantic Gift Ideas

You can make the puzzle with larger pieces, so that it�s more fun, or you could really challenge her and make a 100 piece or more puzzles! To really take her breath away, offer to massage her shoulders while she�s putting it together!PerfumeWhen not just any perfume will do, why not create a special scent just for her? You�ll be able to pick and choose from various scents and create one that matches her personality. In addition, you will be able to select a unique bottle style and name the perfume anything you wish. This romantic gift idea will have her feeling special for months to come!Candy FlowersCan�t decide between chocolate and roses for a romantic gift? Why not give her both at the same time? Look online for a supplier of chocolate roses, a unique treat that will have her smiling and gazing at you with loving eyes. They can be delivered in the same manner as regular flowers, only when she opens the box, her eyes will be dazzled by the beauty of the roses, and her senses will quickly be overcome with the scent of chocolate.Get-A-WaysWant to spend some time alone with your sweetheart? Why not plan a short trip as a romantic gift idea? You could take a vacation to the coast and spend the weekend in a spa resort, or travel to the mountains and tuck yourselves away in a private cabin. Nothing�s too good for your sweetie!Jeweled FlowersFinally, for a romantic gift she�ll never forget, surprise her with real roses that have been dipped in gold, silver or platinum. These will last forever, and speak to the eternal love that you feel for her.You

Meaningful Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for all Occasions

A site dedicated to Gift Ideas

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Meaningful Gift Ideas
Author: Gina MahonyJewelry is a wonderful gift idea to give. Personalize the gift with a message or meaning and you are now presenting a unique gift idea.There are many wonderful gift ideas available, but jewelry always ranks as one of the


For instance if it is a teenager try a makeup bag or a plastic bucket for a gardener or a beach bucket for a child, try a laundry basket, a small plastic container or even a pretty purse, depending on the occasion and who it's for (you are only limited by your imagination for the type of \\"basket\\" you choose).Next, find your fillers. The fillers don't have to be expensive but ensure that they match the type of gift basket you are creating. Make sure that what you buy will fit inside your basket. The secret to the presentation of your gift baskets are to make sure it looks like it is overflowing. The type of fillers you use will depend upon the theme of your basket and again, who you are creating it for.Now for the fun part - decorating! Start arranging your items into the basket. Make sure to put the bigger, taller or larger items to the back and the smaller items in the front. You can use shredded paper or any other \\"stuffing\\" to prop things up or fill in the holes if you need to. I like to cover the gift basket in cellophane and then type of personalized card.Finished �� how easy was that!For more gift basket ideas or how to make gift baskets, visit

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It's Time To Think About Christmas Gifts: Be A Good Scout

What are you likely to forget? Who are you likely to leave out? Here are a few things you should keep on hand during the holiday season, whether in your car, the fridge or cupboard.While you are doing your Christmas gift shopping, pick up a bunch of little things to have around as take-away or hospitality gifts. It could be anything from candy, to small trinkets or ornaments, or a box of candy. It's inevitable: an unexpected person will show up, and it's best not to be caught empty-handed.Keep the refrigerator stocked with small dessert items or snack trays. This is good for when you are doing your holiday visiting. This way you can bring something with you to each place that you visit during your Christmas week. Stuff like apple pie or 'veggie' platters are great, because they can be used pretty much anywhere that there's a gathering of people.Stash a couple bottles of wine in your car (unopened of course). You could even save a few bucks by buying a case or two at once. Some retailers will even offer a discount for a mixed case of different brands or types. Keep the wine in your trunk in case of last minute visiting hours. That way yo

Gift Ideas for Men: Birthday Gift Ideas

Most come with a thermometer and clock, usually they are silver in color.This makes the weather station manlier. It has an electronic barometer which will let your man know the weather for six hours to come.And the thermometer will let him know the exact temperature not to mention the clock so he is never late for dinner or a date. Some of these weather stations even have a calendar, this way he won�t forget your birthday. This type of unique gift would be a great birthday present that your man would love adorning his desk.The man of your life may not be too thrilled about his upcoming birthday. He may feel that he has not done anything worthwhile to leave an imprint in the world. A way for his name to live on after he leaves this world.One unique birthday gift for this man would be to have a star named after him. You can have the star named with him full name like�John Henry Doe�, or his nickname �King Pin John�, or some sec

Give a Flower Gift with a Twist

They won't cost you an arm and a leg, either!Sometimes it's not the gift you give, but the way you present it that really sticks in the mind of the receiver. Here are just some ideas on how you can use those traditional flower anniversary gifts and make a lasting impression...* Take some flowers and break off the petals. Let the petals fall on the floor around the room. Then light some candles, take a spin around the room to their favorite easy listening song, you get the picture. You could also substitute scented, freeze dried flower petals.Make a crown of flowers to present to your King or Queen for a Day.* Give a flower from the bouquet one at a time throughout the day. One in the morning when they wake up, one lying on the bed waiting when they get out of their morning shower, one waiting in the car when they go to work, etc.*Have the flowers delivered by mail. Or at the workplace instead of giving them at home. Not only will you make an impression on your significant other, you'll make their co- workers jealous!Use your imagination. Even the simplest touch can make traditional wedding anniversary gifts like flowers even more special.About the AuthorKori Puckett is

Gift Ideas for men: Computer Games!

What are the hottest computer games for all age men?If you look online for the most popular games you will find many action games near the top of the list. These action games can be many different scenarios from war type games to adventure type games. Many of these games can be one player games or can be played online with others all over the world. The most popular action game right now is Half Life 2.Role-playing games are very popular computer games for all age men. Most of the role playing games can be one player or also played online with other players.These games have wonderful graphics and make you feel like you are really there being the person that you have chosen. They are usually 3D and can be hours of fun for any man that enjoy a great adventure and becoming someone else for awhile. The most popular role playing game at the present time for computers is World of Warcraft.Being a pirate on the high seas may be just what the man in your life would enjoy being for a few hours. Strategy computer games for all age men are very popular, these games make you think. One great game in this

Choose gifts based on hobbies or personality

Author: The Gift WizardHow often have you seen gift ideas \\"for him\\", \\"for her\\", \\"for kids\\", \\"for dad\\", \\"for mom\\"... yadda yadda yadda. While some of these suggestions may be valid, the categories are just too vague to be helpful. Who is HER or HIM? You may as well go back 50 years and use stereotypes to choose gifts!And why are Christmas gift suggestions different from birthday gift suggestions? Unless it's poinsettias or fruitcake (yuck), they shouldn't be different.Instead of looking at WHY you are buying a gift, really focus on WHO you are buying the gift for! It's our individual differences that make us who we are and dictate the kinds of things we enjoy.Therefore it's im

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Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Ideas
Author: Jane RoseenPeople give gifts to strengthen bonds, to remind friends, family, and colleagues that they are an important part of their lives. Fine chocolates are just about everyone's favorite. And as the food industry has evolved in the last few decades, gourmet chocolate seems to be a real niche item available anywhere you shop. Gourmet chocolates can be gifted on Mother's Day, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, Valentine's Day or for any other special occasion.Gourmet chocolates are a great treat for any chocolate lover, and there is a hug

Celebrate The Moment With A Special Housewarming Gift

What's the first thing that a person sees when entering the person's new house? They will stand outside the door--which offers a plethora of housewarming gift ideas. First of all, the mat that they stand on can either be an ordinary store-bought one, or someone (you!) could give them a custom made mat complete with their family name. In addition, the doorknocker on the front door can be customized with a family name, or favorite saying. Want more ideas? How about a planter specialized just for your housewarming gift recipient? Do they have a standard mailbox? Why not buy them a personalize one that will match their personality? Finally, you can find some beautiful and unique house numbers that they can attach to their home to give it a custom look.Once inside the door, a guest to the new home will be faced with a lot of d�cor. Wouldn't it be unique and charming if, in the entrance hallway, was a sketch of the house itself? You can hire a local artist to sketch the house in black and white, and then frame it with a wood that matches the rest of their interior and d�cor. A customized throw is another great housewarming gift idea. You can personalize it with their name, a bible verse, or a family \\"motto\\". Be sure to find out the color d�cor before ordering the throw so it will blend nicely into the atmosphere.If a visitor were to venture into the backyard, they may find another ideal idea for

Book Review: The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide

Book Review: The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide

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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Think about a luxurious cashmere scarf, snuggly slippers, or perhaps a wonderful bottle of schnapps and two crystal glasses for in front of the lodge�s fire in the evenings!Is it a kitchen shower? Think about her favorite types of food and go from there. If she likes baking, a basket of the little necessities is nice � extracts and flavored oils, measuring spoons, muffin tins, and a pastry brush for instance.Anything personal is always nice, since in the coming weeks the bride will be rushing about like mad. Giving a gift of relaxation is a sure-fire hit. A pedicure and manicure gift certificate, a massage or day at the spa are all wonderful gestures.Is the bride practical? Put together a great little �everything basket� to keep by her phone or on her desk that has all those things you can never find when you need them: A few nice pens, clear nail polish, postage stamps, a small bottle of her favorite perfume, a nail file, a change purse with a few bills and some change, a notepad, a small screwdriver, tape, and anything else you usually need at a moment�s notice and can�t find! Tuck in some decadent chocolates for emergency fuel and you�re set!Melanie Doetsch is editor at where you will find further advice and bridal shower ideas. Have fun with our helpful tips, wedding articles, and much more.

Baby Shower Gift for Dads

So the future Dad would feel just as good about getting the perfect gift for dads, especially if he wasn't expecting to get a gift. So a surprise gift would add to his pleasure even more.An expensive gift for dad would be nice too, but most people cannot afford to buy them. You could however all get together and get the father-to-be one gift. Let him know it came from all of you. That way nobody would feel left out of the giving. You don't all have to give the same amount, just what you can afford.A gift for Dad should be something which he likes or has a soft spot for. Some of the less expensive gifts could be cologne, after shave, a money clip, or gourmet coffee. If he writes letters, you could get him some manly looking stationary supplies. Or maybe something for his desk: A letter opener, paper weight, pen and pencil holder, drawer organizer, postage stamps - for the ugh! bills he has to send. Thank you notes would be the perfect gift for dads, he wouldn't have to get them himself to thank the guests for the gifts.Want a unique gift for dad, try a Coffee Tasters Club from DistinctDeliveries. Coffee lovers enjoy coffee from around the world. You get to taste smooth Nicaraguan coffee or the exotic flavor of Malawi coffee. With each monthly shipment they send you two different 12 ounce bags of fresh roasted coffee from around the world. You can choose either ground or whole bean delivered to you. Some gifts for the bedroom would be a small reading lamp, table for eating in bed, candy if he has a sweet tooth. Or maybe a bath

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some good gift ideas for baby showers:1) Diapers - Diapers are a popular gift for baby showers. Every new mother will need plenty of diapers for her new baby and this is a very safe gift to get if you do not have any other ideas or don't know what other people are getting.2) Personalized Blanket - A personalized blanket is a nice gift for a new baby. Having the name on the blanket gives it a personal touch and makes it a great keepsake even after the baby outgrows it.3) Stuffed Animals - A new baby needs plenty of toys to stay entertained. Stuffed animals are always a favorite among newborns. A teddy bear is the most traditional gift, but other stuffed animals are also acceptable gifts.4) Baby Gift Baskets - Baby gif

Baby gift ideas

The wraps should not have any kind of buckles or buttons as this may hurt the baby.# Baby clothes. Again keep in mind the sensitive skin of the newborn. Loose and soft clothes are always the best. Remember to avoid buttoned or buckled apparel.# Woolens. Sweaters woven from the finest wool only should be considered for gifting purposes. This also applies to caps, hoods and socks.# Body suits are considered ideal as they cover the baby from head to toe without the help of drawstrings and buttons. Also they are easy to handle when in a body suit.# Baby Gifts can also include diaper sets. Though some may consider it a bit impolite, the fact is that they are very useful to the parents who never seem to have enough of them.# Beautiful baby baskets are one way of gifting more than one item at a time. You can put in various articles that will come in handy for the baby as well as the mother.# Baby milk bottles. If the mother is breast-feeding the newborn, these will be useful only after six to seven months.# Pacifiers, rattlers, piggy banks and chimes are among other items that are appropriate for the occasion.# Shower items form a very important part of baby gifts. Shower tubs, shower toys, soaps and oils come under this category. Moms can be gifted shower aprons as well as baby shower invitation cards.# For

Are you searching for an anniversary gift idea for that special man in your life?

You could even tie some pansies around the gift with ribbon to give it an added romantic touch.Cotton or straw is the traditional gift for the second anniversary. The flowers are cosmos and the gemstone is either rose quartz or garnet. What would be great for this anniversary?A personalized towel made of cotton would be good. What about a watch with garnet stones that would be something any man would love to receive. Use your imagination. Plan a romantic hayride, this includes straw. After the hayride have a picnic on a cotton blanket. Using traditional gift ideas can be fun and enjoyable when you use some imagination to bring it all together.A leather recliner would be the perfect anniversary gift for the third anniversary. Leather is the traditional gift given for the third anniversary, the flower for the third anniversary is the fuchsia and the gemstone is the crystal.Finding items made from leather is not a hard task at all. You can purchase watches with leather bands, briefcases, and desktop pads, just to mention a few. A great idea to use the crystal could be a nice initial ring or bracelet with crystals. The man of your life would like any of these gifts.The fourth anniversary has a theme attached. The theme is books, flowers and fruit. For this years anniversary gift a wonderful basket with some of his favorite fruit, a favorite book and a few flowers just to enhance the basket would be wonderful.He will enjoy this gift because he

Anniversary gift ideas

Here are a few tips to pick up the right anniversary gift.# Gifts from Him to Her should be very romantic and should be accompanied by poetic verses. These can include ring, bracelet, pendant, chain, necklace and watch. Jewelry can be of gold, silver or platinum and can be studded with precious stones. His gifts to Her can also be very intimate. These can include expensive lingerie. # To make items like rings and bracelets more romantic, names of the couple can be engraved in them. # Pendants can contain small portraits of the couple. # Personalized gift items can include plaq+ues with declarations of love and jars containing 365 chits with `I LOVE YOU' written in 365 different ways. # Her gifts to him can be very formal like a pair of cufflinks and solid gold band ring. Gifts can also be very naughty like a pair of boxers or even thongs. # If you are to give the couple an anniversary gift, then make sure you do not purchase something like a necklace or cufflinks. Since it is their anniversary the gift should address both of them instead of only one of them. # If it's a couple you care for, then make sure the gift is relevant to the relationship you share with the couple. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind while purchasing the gift. About the AuthorI am currently working as an sseo in RST web solutions private limited.For further details visit Gifts to india
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Anniversary Gift Ideas Year by Year, the First Nineteen Years

Anniversary Gift Ideas Year by Year, the First Nineteen Years

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Anniversary Gift Ideas : Sweet and Sexy Speaks Volumes

Author: Jay CarmichaelThere are many great options to consider for letting your significant other know how special they are. An Anniversary is a very special time in a couples� life, and merits much thought. I hope that I can pass on a few helpful suggestions to get your creativity flowing, so that you can be released from the temptation of trying to pull of that last minute decision.Although gourmet chocolates are commonly a woman�s favorite, it is most romantic to be given alon

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Author: Renee MichaelsA 50th anniversary gift commemorates a milestone most married couples wish to reach. What can you possibly give a couple after 50 years of marriage? The most meaningful wedding anniversary gift is one that comes from the heart: to express your love and appreciation towards all that they mean to you, how their staying married through the thick and thin of life has influenced you, to tell about the warm and loving memorie

5 Tips To Selecting A Great Dog Gift

Tip #2 � Decide Who The Gift Is ForIs your gift for a current dog owner? If so . . . would you like the gift for the dog owner or for their dog?If you�re dealing with a bona fide dog enthusiast . . . either type of gift is appropriate and would be welcomed.You�ll want to think about starting with what you know already about the person as well as their dog.Deciding if the gift is for the person or the dog will help narrow the many choices even further.Are you buying a gift for a dog caregiver? Maybe for your dog sitter, dog walker, dog groomer or veterinarian or anyone else who you trust enough to care for your beloved pet?Is the dog gift for someone who is actively involved with dogs? Or are you looking for a gift for someone who just loves dogs, but doesn�t own a dog right now?Tip # 3 � What�s The Special Gift Giving Occasion?Is there a special occasion coming up that calls for a dog gift?Special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, get well wishes, pick me ups and pet loss condolences or memorials are all good reasons to give a dog lover a gift.And there are times you may give a gift just because you care. What category does your dog gift fit into?Some gifts can be personalized to special occasions with imprints, photos or amusing accessories.A gift that is customized for the special occasion will be really welcomed and show that you put extra thought into your gift selection.Tip #4 � How Does Your Dog Lover Express Their Fondness For Dogs?To select a great dog gift you�ll need to know a little about how your dog lover likes to express th

40 Unique Gift Ideas

Our friends and family enjoy seeing that we took the time and poured our love into a well intentioned gift.40 Unique Gift Ideas 1. Unique glass candy dish filled with candy. 2. Collectible sports cards 3. Books check for clearance books or online for deals. 4. Personalized Set of dish cloths and dish towels. 5. Basket filled with kitchen gadgets and time savers. 6. Gift certificates for free movie or video game rentals. 7. Handwritten copies of your favorite recipes. 8. For the pets, doggy bones, catnip balls, should do nicely. 9. Gift Certificates for their favorite restaurant. 10. Hand decorated keepsake box for their little treasures. 11. Designer sticky notes with colorful designs. 12. Personalized Address book with their name written on it. 13. Serving bowl or platter with a holiday theme. 14. Decorative basket with jams, bbq sauces, mustards, etc. 15. Themed Cloth Napkins and Napkin holders. 16. Flower seeds, or a small plant, throw in gloves for a complete package. 17. Personalized and hand decorated photo album. 18. Old fashioned cookie mix with baking instructions. 19. Unique coffee

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Make your loved one feel their best on their big day by choosing a gift that focuses on the beginning of his or her life, not the number of years that have passed.If you want to give a truly personal gift, you cannot go wrong with a birthstone-- a gift idea that dates back to Biblical times. Birthstones and zodiac stones are great gifts that hold deep significance and will be treasured for years. When making your purchase, be sure to keep in mind the type and size of jewelry the person wears most often, as well as whether she prefers gold or silver. This way, you can embed her birthstone, for instance a pearl for a June birthday, in a setting that will be adored. Birthstones are also stunning when mounted in watches, brooches, and hairpins for those who rarely wear rings or necklaces. If you are shopping for a man, he may prefer a pocket watch or specialty ink pen imbedded with his birthstone to jewelry. Following, is a list of birthstones:* January -- Garnet* February -- Light Pu